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Based on site experience ABI has re-designed the ABI MOBILRAM for even higher performance and safety. The new improved version features a stronger mast with even greater usable length. As option a docking system is available which allows the operator to change tools by a push of a button. Further new is a so called CAN-BUS control system with touch screen computer control panel. All control related joy sticks and elements are ergonomically designed and positioned for smooth operation. The engines fulfil the latest environmental standards.

With a large choice of attachments the telescopic leader masts can cover nearly all areas of special civil engineering from pile driving, drilling to pressing and up to impact pile driving.


If the machine is equipped with a vibrator all kinds of pile elements (steel sheet piles, lightweight sections, trench sheeting, beams, steel plates, etc.) can be driven or extracted. Among other things, an auger drive is used to drill or mix foundation and shoring piles.

With a Hydro-Press-System steel sheet pile sections can also be statically pressed into the ground at very low vibrations. And with a diesel hammer or hydraulic impact hammer the pile elements are impact driven into the ground.

The leader mast is the key component on the ABI MOBILRAM-System which guides all attachments for common and extraordinary pile driving, extracting, augering and static pressing operations. Usable pile or auger length up to 25 m are available through the model range.

Low set up times

The set up times of an ABI MOBILRAM are very low with less than 30 minutes. To bring the unit back in transport configuration takes not longer. It is done in a one step operation. Vibrators and all other attachments are connected and disconnected quick and safe by the docking system.

High Mobility

The ABI MOBILRAM can be transported on a low-loading truck. For the transport position the leader mast is folded down to the rear. The transport width can be reduced using telescopic under carriage.

Carrier Type

TM 11/14 SL

9.000 SR 25 / SR 30 Download


7.000 SR20 Download

TM 13/16 SL

9.000 SR 30 / SR 35 Download

TM 14/17 VSL

10.000 SR 35 Download

TM 14/17 V

10.000 SR 35 Download

TM 17

11.000 SR 35 Download

TM 20

12.000 SR 35 Download

TM 22

15.000 SR 35 HD / SR 45 Download

TM 10/12,5 SL SR 25T

6.000 SR 25T Download

TM 13/16 SL SR 35T

9.000 SR 35T Download

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