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Consultancy, sales and rental

Infrarentals BV offers comprehensive consultancy, sales and rental options for excavator and crane mats. Our objective is to jointly develop products that are guaranteed to perform optimally. Our knowledge, experience and skills have already proven their worth in various sectors internationally, specifically in underground construction, pipeline construction, wind turbines, dredging and excavation works, and onshore & offshore applications.  

Excavator mats

Our excavator mats are made of hardwood. The beam dimensions depend on the individual type of application. Mats with plank thicknesses of 100 mm and up are partially produced with tight cores.

Technical wood specifications 

All our excavator and crane mats are made of highly wear-resistant Mora wood. This tropical wood enables us to guarantee an excellent performance and a long service life.

Possible applications:

• as mobile access paths for building works and emergency bridges
• for crane works, e.g. when building wind turbines
• as protection for mooring facilities and pontoons
• for excavation and dredging works, underground construction and access roads
• to distribute the ground pressure of heavy loads

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Germany - Munich (2)

Rental Project in Munich (Germany), ca. 415 ton Sheet Piles