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Sheet piling of Infra Rentals: high quality

Steel sheet piling is mostly used in civil and hydraulic engineering projects. Especially in the Netherlands, with its low ground level, the many water surfaces and poor soil conditions, construction projects rely heavily on sheet piling. Many projects in European countries are only made possible by using steel sheet piling. Due to the high quality of our products, they are used in many projects within Europe.

Two types of sheet piling hot and cold-rolled

The difference between hot and cold-rolled sheet piling is in the production method and the material thickness.

Cold-rolled sheet piling

Cold-rolled sheet piling is profiled from wide-plate steel and manufactured using a cold-deformation process. Cold-rolled sheet piling is available in steel thicknesses of 3 to 16 mm and is used in light to medium-heavy earth and water-retaining structures.

Hot-rolled sheet piling

Hot-rolled sheet piling is profiled in a rolling process at high temperatures. Hot-rolled sheet piling is available in steel thicknesses up to over 20 mm, which means that they are also used in heavy-duty and long sheet-piling structures.

Custom-made sheet piling solutions

For each project we can supply sheet piling in the desired dimensions. Because we specifically gear our sheet piling to each situation we are very powerful and competitive for the most cost-effective sheet-piling profiles.

Purchase and repurchase

Apart from renting out sheet piling, we also offer the possibility for purchase-repurchase. This is often the case in long-term projects. Sheet piling is then sold back to Infra Rentals after the end of the project.

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Germany - Groß Lindow

Rental Project in Groß Lindow (Germany), ca. 115 ton Sheet Piles
Vibrator ICE 600RF + Power pack ICE 18RF