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Still Worker ZU-100

Features and Benefits of the Still Worker

  • Virtually noise and vibration free means installation of steel piles as close as 500 mm to existing structures or services

  • The Still Worker operates at ground level with no piling gates making it a very safe method of operation

  • Uses a wireless radio control providing a broad range of vision for the  operator and a safe working environment

  • Still Worker is light and compact requiring only a small crane for pile pitching

  • Ideal for height restricted sites

Exclusive Mast Tilting Device is standard with each machine

Features and benefits of the Mast Tilt device

  • Mast/chuck can incline forwards and backwards by 5 degrees

  • More accurate and efficient pile installation

  • Makes self travelling much easier and quicker

  • Makes working on gradients much easier

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Austria - Salzburg

Rental Project in Salzburg (Austria), ca. 430 ton Sheet Piles

Vibrator Allpacks 600VH + Allpacks 20AM